Thursday, December 15, 2005

Andrew's visit

So my buddy, andrew from U-Mich, had a job interview at San Jose and stayed over at my place for a night last was unfortunate that he came at such a pressing time (finals projects research..) but i still managed to show him around Berkeley abit...he's interested in environmental engineering for very noble reasons and i respect that...i certainly hope he'd get in berkeley next yr so we'd get to hang out more..

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Orchard Hotel X'mas Party

The annual Orchard Hotel X'mas Party, held at a rival hotel just one block down...we had a great time with tam's colleagues & won $700 (fake money) from Black Jack out of the $300 (fake money) they gave me at entrance...Tammy on the other hand saw a loss of $150 (fake money)...which brings down our household earning to $850, which converts to a handbag for Tammy (i think every employee get a prize)...not sure if I should be surprised at all but apparently all the big winners of the casino'themed night are all the cantonese house keepers aunties...respect!

Tam with 3 other co-workers who also work at front-desk

Tam posing with one of the doorman named Cornell...he's a great guy...and we're gonna run in the same marathon in Big Sur come April next yr!

Tam and Lea at their natural domain, behind the front desk...

Tam with Juan, a hyper-friendly guy who recently quit the door man job...

This shot is taken as we're saying "Thank You" to Christian, who apparently has an uphill battle using our camera...anyhow, it was a swellin' time..too bad Nate couldn't join us...

"Chestnuts roastin on an open fire..."

It's a X'mas time! And we've finally got around to getting a small X'mas tree for our humble establishment.. after reading a few forums of ppl bitching about how hard it is to set up a X'mas tree at home...i must say that i have a natural flair for this...3-min setup with no injury...xie xie!

Nice! The $19 gamble at Walgreens pays off!

This is really nice! Just imagine an endless stream of X'mas classics from the Comcast "songs for the season" music, i miss singing acapella carols with skritch!

Sushi night!

This is what'd naturally happen after an eventful splurge at the Japanaese Supermarket in San Fran...

Very obviously a well-rehearsed pose rather than a candid shot...this should have been an advertisement for some diamond ring...

Some Sushi-love!

More Sushi-love.. prepared for a major kitchen clean-up after an intensive tampura frying session...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Starting a Start-up!

So after a few years of daydreaming, brainstorming and most of all inaction, I've finally decided to start a start-up based on an idea I have very recently. Right now I can't devilge any info regarding the idea (since the project is still work in progress) but it's been on my mind almost every single minute for the past 2 weeks. I figure it has definitely affected my preparation for my final exams but for now, I have no choice but to move with speed in order to get a first-mover advantage since this idea is new and never tried before (at least to the best of my knowledge). Yet it is really simple and doesn't take much work for others to implement. But I believe this has substantial potential. Hence, I've been calling some of the most capable people i know for the past few days who possess the specific technical skills that I'm looking for and pursuading them to join me as co-founders. I've also gone to seminars in school to approaach other bright minds in the field in the hope of building up a committed team by next week. It sounds crazy the rate i want things to get done, but i have no choice to push ahead really fast. i really really hope i can get there before someone else.

Now feeling: Inspired, excited, anxious....