Thursday, September 24, 2009

Easy at 5 (finally...a new song!)

This one started out as some random humming-along recording on my's got a simple tune with a dead-simple chord progression...but i dig it :) initially when i was penning down the words, i wanted it to be a very "take it easy" kind of song...well, it's sort of turn out this way, and more! i made references to my interests in design, programming, macroeconomics and directly quote from Steve Jobs speech at Stanford commencement...the product turns out to be a much more personal piece than I originally's reflective of some of the personal struggles i faced these few yrs and hopefully serves as a reminder to myself of the kind of person i really wanna be...a modern 令狐沖...yup, that's pretty much the end game for me :) enjoy~

Easy is the word that i been tryin' to live by
And easy is the way for all to have a good time
And easy is it easy does it life is a ride
And easy to the rescue, easy is the recipe

Easy is the peace that is the state of my mind
And with ease I'm gonna dabble with the curves and and the lines
I'll let the shaping and the shading before my eyes
And with an innocent stroke, i'm gonna paint it all white

Moving on, i got this curiosity brewing strong
I'd pick up all the javas and rubys and pythons
To the detriment of every bugs, bytes and bits
Got a 11001101

That's the way I'm gonna package it all
If you can't keep up with the rhythm baby ain't nobody's fault
Come on go, with the flow, make it slow, no one knows
Lets make this moment count, sing!


Bababa..baladida what do you mean it's now 5 am
I got my 6-string over here
I'm gonna play it till i'm dead

(Said i'm easy!)

Bababa..baladida what do you mean you ain't got not time
Don't give a damn about the situation
Let us play this till the end

Na na na na na.... woo woo!

2nd verse:
Yeah, they judge you with the gravity and weight of the earth
They segregate you brand you into some kind of dirt
Their banners and their slogans and their inward-looking world
And they're setting up the frame within which everybody serve

But it's the moon that you and i are flying towards
And past the hazy crazy baby soon you will learn
The dreamers and the poets and the dancers in turn
Well they're as real as it comes, as real as it does

Say this life's all about connecting the dots
Go easy with your heart but don't settle till you're settled
Stay foolish stay hungry cos you're already naked
Let's make this moment count, sing!

Make it easy feeling lazy take it easy with a boozty
Keep it groovy kinda spacey reading keynes feeling dizzy
Partly pacy says it slowly play it funky life is funny
Take it easy with the one eh? yeah..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Singing for Mercy Relief

This is my 3rd time singing at a Mercy Relief event...glad to be involved in a meaningful cause.. tks Jonathan as usual for arranging :)

Geek in the pink:





Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missing blogging...

Thing is, I've been reading (blogs, books) and singing so much these days I never quite took the time to actually sit down, calm myself, reflect and blog about the things/ideas that have been occupying my mind. I've kept up with the habit of jotting down ideas and now I've got ton of emails lying somewhere in my inbox that I wrote to myself every time I came across a particular thought or idea. Well, doing that "recording" is well and good, but actually developing these ideas in a more cogent fashion in blog post is what I miss doing. Blogging a sincere post often turns out to be a lengthy and sometime exhausting event for me; not that I care much about the grammer - it's the thought process where I must force myself to organize all these various ideas into a single post that really helps me internalize and think through the themes spinning around my brain. Yes, I do miss blogging...I hope I'd have the discipline to keep up with the posts now that I've decided to start writing again...we'd see how this goes from here~

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

On your mark!

By Chage & Aska (my fav japanese group) and Miyazaki (the god of japanese anime)! Love the song!