Sunday, June 18, 2006

日本料理 with Takeshi's family

It is my great fortune that my research collaborator is this super cool dude named Takeshi Kawano 剛志河野 (a post-doc from Japan). Like me, he really enjoys playing soccer, digs carbon nanotube and addicted to all things electronic! He'd also become my Japanese tutor and driving instructor; the fact that we actually lived in the same apartment building means that we hang out even more than the regular lab hours. In any case, me and Tammy had a great time chilling at his apartment with his family while enjoying some truly authentic 日本料理! おいしいですね!

Father & son; these two "Kawanos" are the direct descendents of a renowned Samurai family!

Some authentic Japanese pancake!

Mum (邦子)& son (龍磨)

龍磨: I like this taste!

龍磨: Give me more! (This little man's on fire!)

Me taking care of the post-meal damage...

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