Sunday, October 08, 2006

Iraqi blogs

While America prides itself to be a country for freedom of speech...anyone who's lived here long enough will know that there're so many versions to a story that it's often hard to make an informed decision on the issues. In particular, the coverage of Iraq is often polarized or tainted with too much political fire powder. I'm surprised at the lack of coverage on what is actually happening to the normal Iraqis who have to deal with the "aftermath" everyday. You gotta love the internet though, if you have the will and time, there're gems to be found. So here're a few blogs written by Iraqis, a fresh persprctive from all the mind-numbing reports of attacks on American soldiers...

"A star from Mosul"
"A citizen of Mosul"
"Baghdad burning"

and this one's a Vlog!
"Alive in Baghdad"

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