Monday, November 13, 2006

Age Discrimination

After reading through Derek's now famous blog post and hundreds of comments, it got me thinking alot about age discrimination. One of the readers commented:

"I am just over 50. I lost my job arround 50. There is no job available for the last few years searching despite my extensive experience/qualification. Some recruiters even told me I should retire and asked why should I bother to find a job. When I was around 30/40, I was always headhunted for well-paid jobs. But, now there is hardly any call from headhunters...It seems my skill/experience was highly sought in past years whereas it has suddenly become useless in recent years. Why?.."

It is something my dad has been grappling with for the past few years. There is simply no job security once you reach a certain age. It used to be when you hit 50 you'd be in trouble looking for a new job...but it seems that now even at 40 you might have a problem. And this is not an isolated phenomenon in Singapore. Is this really age discrimination or just survival-of-the-fittest? hmm....

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