Thursday, March 15, 2007

Single to Married!

Yup, in a day's time, I'd be changing my marital status from "single" to "married"! I'm feeling strangely excited and anxious! I really hope that tomorrow will be a truly memorable for me and my girl, Tammy! We've put in alot of thoughts into the 4-hour event, and it's actually pretty demanding preparing the ROM (registry of marriage) ourselves, but I think it'd make it more meaningful. Anyhow, this ROM thingy is a very "only-for-family" event; the customary chinese wedding will come hopefully within a year and we'd be able to invite many more friends~ Do expect a very long post about our special day in a few days time! Meanwhile, lots of last-minute preparations to finish today!!!!!


Kevin said...

Congrats! Was she the lady who came along with you to E27?

Francis said...

u2 are just SWEEEEET !!!!
When will I get your invitation for banquet ?

Oh man ... somehow I think you can't get married. Handsome boyz like us should play around for a longer while ya? shit I am all alone now