Friday, December 28, 2007 - Check It Out!

About a year ago, I had this idea of creating a online portal for User-Generated Comics. At that time I was working on some online map application, then it suddenly occurred to me that all those map zoom-in/zoom-out/dragging/resize functions can be applied to do a simple comic application. Of course a while after that someone told me about Comic Life, which is an awesome Mac App that does exactly what I was imagining in my head. However, their team stopped short of putting the concept online, which would have opened the users to a much bigger image database as well as the ability to do collaboration.

Right about the same time I was finally back in Singapore and attended some web conference when I met Michael Lim. He's a great guy who's been involved with web start-ups before and he was ready to take the plunge (ie full-time) after I explained to him my idea. For that I really respect and envy him...

In any case, after 9 months of labor and a few more people to the team, here's the result :)

Here's a short demo video:

We're still in private beta right now, but the team should be opening up to public very soon! I'm so psyched man :)

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Benjamin Koe said...

Hey, you did it bro! That Comics service you were talking about. Fantastic one. I'm going to play with it and I'm going to blog about it. Great work. Keep it up!