Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Documentary on Singapore Buskers (I'm featured!!)

Ok well...i'm not on TV ...it's actually a school project done by this group of students from Dunman High School...they happened to choose "Street Artistes" as their topic and chanced upon my music blog online...next thing i knew they were at my place interviewing me..hee...I'm glad that these days there're video projects like this in secondary schools and i hope more young folks here can experiment with film as an outlet of expressing their ideas...

anyhow, there's a big portion of the video with me chatting about my street-singing experience in the States vs in Singapore...even a segment of me debating with my folks (who obviously do not think I should be busking on the streets)...all in all, it was an interesting interview and I really hope that the students who interview will get hooked with filming documentaries and start using it to explore other issues :)

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Jon-SAC said...

bro, your passion is admirable. keep on singing, and filling the streets with your music. we need more of this kind of inspiration around here.

will come see you perform at Dempsey Ben & Jerry's one of these Saturdays, i promise :-)