Friday, April 10, 2009

I got my iPhone (finally)!!!

And i absolutely adore it!!! I'm using it to read all my google reader feeds, check on bloomberg/NYT, reading Wiki articles and listening to all the great podcast from various great professors (mainly from academic earth and econ talk)'s true that I've been eyeing iPhone since the news of its development first leaked out...but being the very frugal (= cheap) person I am, i've managed to hold off the temptation until my old phone (sony ericsson) finally dies on thanks to Tammy (who paid for it), i'm now loving every single minute with it!!! the only thing i'd complain is that not every app (eg. google mobile) is available to singapore users...not too sure if the bottleneck occurs at the SingTel or the developer part...looks like the mobile space is still not fully open up like the web yet...but with all the app stores popping up for the various brands...i have high hopes that we'd see more openness and transparency in the mobile development scene...meanwhile i'd need to get back to reading my feeds...on my iPhone of course :)

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