Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missing blogging...

Thing is, I've been reading (blogs, books) and singing so much these days I never quite took the time to actually sit down, calm myself, reflect and blog about the things/ideas that have been occupying my mind. I've kept up with the habit of jotting down ideas and now I've got ton of emails lying somewhere in my inbox that I wrote to myself every time I came across a particular thought or idea. Well, doing that "recording" is well and good, but actually developing these ideas in a more cogent fashion in blog post is what I miss doing. Blogging a sincere post often turns out to be a lengthy and sometime exhausting event for me; not that I care much about the grammer - it's the thought process where I must force myself to organize all these various ideas into a single post that really helps me internalize and think through the themes spinning around my brain. Yes, I do miss blogging...I hope I'd have the discipline to keep up with the posts now that I've decided to start writing again...we'd see how this goes from here~

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