Saturday, January 07, 2006

Story in May (film summary)

This is a screenplay I'm working on that's based on the songs I've written in the past. The main character, Patrick, lost the ability to move his facial muscle since young and has been a loner most of his life, besides an annoying yet loyal friend, Ronald, who aspires to be the next Eminem. Patrick's dad, who lives his life around his music, migrates to America from China to seek the musical freedom he was looking for, but was dejected (espeically after the passing of his wife) and led a lonely life looking after a small LP records store. He is also troubled by his guilt of causing Patrick's lose of facial expression. Patrick also takes refuge in his music and has a love-hate relationship with his dad, whom he respects for his musical influence, but blames for his misfortune. Their lives took a sharp turn when a politically-active college girl walked into the store one day.

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