Monday, January 02, 2006

Things on my mind lately...

I like to make here's a list of things that has occupied alot of my attention in the past month...

1. Happenings related to my start-up idea (can't really be too specific here)
2. Carbon Nanotube (there's some absolutely amazing research in this area man! and i need to work out a master thesis on this fascinating material!)
3. Web 2.0 (i guess i'm a few months behind when i found out abt the explosion of web 2.0 spirited services on the net..but i'm playin rapid catch up now)
4. more biz ideas (recently i've experienced an outburst of new ideas...i wonder if i'd have time to work on more than the one i'm currently workin on rite now)
5. Apartment Lease (where can we leave after July 06? i hate moving man and i absolutely adore this apt!)
6. Wedding plans (how much can we afford? can we have a memorable wedding without going under even before we start saving?)
7. my music & movie (sigh...i feel that my artistic side is always being sacrificed becos of all the wild ideas that i have from time to time that i draw all my attention...i've been starting to record some demo...but the movie script would have to put on hold for now i guess)

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Anonymous said...

Why doesnt the name 'tammy' comes up in this list? Absurd!