Sunday, February 04, 2007

Climate Change (Please Read!)

Ever since watching Al Gore's "Inconvenience Truth", I've been thinking a lot more about global warming, or rather all the detrimental impact that we humans have on this planet and her ecosystem. Well, just a few days ago UN's International Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) released a report. To put it mildly, we'd be facing a pretty grim future. Much more extreme weather conditions, heat waves, drought, cyclones. The earth's average temperature will go up somewhere between 1+ to 5+ degrees. Sea level will continue to rise. Apparently, Sydney will be almost uninhabitable in 5 decades and Perth will be among the hottest cities on Earth. Great Barrier Reef will probably be gone in 30 years. The list goes on.

I'd urge anyone reading this post to take a look at the summary for policy maker or this excellent blog post by Tree Hugger. We ought to do something now, before it really becomes too late.

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