Sunday, April 15, 2007

$$ advice from an ex-CEO turned blogger~

I've been following mr Tan Kin Lian's blog for a while now. Initially I tracked his blog cos he's one of those few C-level executive (albeit a former one, ex-CEO of NTUC Income) in Singapore who actually blog. After a while, I read it for the sound advice he actually responds to his readers' specific questions. And he seems really approachable too~ He replied my email to him (i just wanna let him know I appreciate what he was doing with his blog) within an hr and he actually offered this woman to call his number directly to seek advice from him....sounds like a nice guy eh?

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Benjamin Koe said...

I took a look at his blog and I do agree, he does sound approachable. You know, maybe the meme here should be "nice guys should blog". If you're nice to one person at a time in real life, because that's how physically available you are, then by blogging you could be nice to hundreds of people at a go. =) Seems to work for this ex-CEO, should work for the rest of us nice people too!