Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thinking about Middle East

It's amazing how life changes. One moment I was worrying so much about A-levels, the next moment I was carrying M16 in a Brunei jungle, and then came all the day-dreaming in America, and finally, just when I thought I'm finally back in Singapore for good, I now find myself with the prospect of working in UAE, a country in a region that I hardly know anything about besides being blessed with oil wealth.

The world is so big, so many places to travel, so many languages to learn, yet so little time...I do hope to make the most out of this opportunity thou. It'd be a great "excuse" for me to really spend time learning about the culture of the region, perhaps pick up a bit of Arabic too? Who knows, they might have a vibrant blogging or web culture there too!

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Chern Jie said...

Wow that's great! Have you decided to go to UAE already? And here I thought you just switched company ...