Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ken Robinson's talk on Creativity in schools

I 100% agree with this guy!!! I sincerely hope that someone in MOE would watch this...

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Torn Halves said...

Everything that Sir Ken says is wonderful, but it is a bit frustrating that he keeps his thoughts narrowly focused on education - criticising education while leaving the world beyond the walls of the classroom uncriticised.

For instance at the heart of his critique is the imperative "to educate the whole being" of the children. Leaving aside the point that, as an idea, this is nothing new, should we also be looking at the wider society and asking if that enables adults to go on developing their whole being? Does that world make it possible for everyone to enjoy the sort of life that Gillian Lynne has enjoyed, or is it not rather built on the presupposition that the vast majority of people will have to sacrifice their wholeness to make just enough money to support their families?