Monday, September 19, 2005

documentary on child labor

so i was looking through the online archieve of the 20-year running documentary series named 'hang cheung chap''s been showing weekly in HK for many years and i remember watching it as a kid...obviously i didn't really appreciate the depth in these documentaries as a kid, but i'm really amazed with the range of topics covered and the quality of the program now that i can watch them online...

anyway, i watched one of the episode named 'childhood without seasonal changes' caught my eye because that particular episode has garnered a few international documentary awards...i didn't prepare myself for a topic this grave but i was really moved by the end of it...the 30-min program talks about the plight that faces the millions of child labor in the world...seeing these footages remind me of my trips to many ways, i think my trips to Cambodia has been sheltered from the many horrible truths that exist...i was living in an orphanage, where everything is peaceful in the villages nearby...yes, i know the kids there didn't really have a good quality of education and many of them have to help out in the farm...but it never really dawned on me what is it really like to fend for yourself for survival at the age of 5.

The documentary was mostly filmed in Nepal where there's a big chil trafficking trade across the border to India...some of the kids being interviewed were sold off by their parents without their knowledge...and it hurts to hear this boy confessing that he miss his parents after he comes back from a long day of work carrying bricks weighing much much than his own...some girls were forced into is a really depressing sight...i'm really glad that there is some people in the world who's actually doing something about it as the program itnerviews a few activists who try to get the world's attention to this problem...many times when faced with a social problem of this magnitude, many of us (the fortunate) would be at a lost of where to begin and probably count this as one of the daily bombardments of bad news happening around the world...but i'm glad there're people with such passion to dedicate their lives to this cause...i wonder what else i can do...or more importantly, what will i personally actually do at the end of the day, other than fretting about it here...

here's a link to the's in cantonese with chinese subtitle

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