Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blue Angel Air Show in San Fran

So Tammy finally convince me to join her and some new found friends (from a church we attended in berkeley) to an air show in San Fran...I was quite reluctant to go cos my work's really piling up, but then again we haven't really explored San Fran ever since we arrived in Berkeley and so i figured i'd just have to leave the work behind for a while (which is actually what i've been doing pretty consistently these days haha)...but it was definitely a good decision!

So things went abit late as we were preparing to leave house, but fortunately we made it to the International House where we got a ride to a ferry terminal...the pic here is taken at the ferry terminal...Gena, a super nice Korean whose husband named Peter is also super nice, is chatting with Tammy...judging from their looks i think they are comparing whose husband is more untidy and does less house work..i suspect i might have won this round for tammy..ha

So this is Yuanqin, the vital connection i made when i first came to berkeley which leads us to make some really great ppl from her church...she's actually from my same junior college, and we have some very good mutual friends...unfortunately i found myself in another embarassing situation when she first recognize me and pointed out my name and as usual my person-name-face retention capacity eludes me...anyway, she's turned out to be a great friend to hang out with!

The ferry ride to San Francisco was really to see the city from a very different perspective..and the sky can't be more clear...

The piers are already packed with crowds who lined along the pier to get a good spot at the air show later..

And of course the famours sea lions that has taken a perpetual shelter in pier 41...i wonder how did this 'illegal gathering' first started...

There sea lions look soooo lazy man...but their nap won't last for long...cos there'd be figher jets flying right above them in a few moments time...i wonder if they willl flip out at all or would just continue their perpetual obliviance to their surrounding...

So we decided to get some lunch from the famous long lines of seafood stalls that occupies the fisherman's wharf...and in the midst of posing a picture, tammy had some help from one of the stalls' worker as a backdrop...this is pretty hilarious man..

So finally some actual air show's the arrow and heart figure that's a must for every air show...definitely a crowd pleaser..

This is a pretty amazing stunt...the guy actually shut off the engine for a while and did a free drop..and they actually had big speakers which was broadcasting messages from the pilot himself! he waas saying 'this dun feel too good' when he did this stunt...i think i'd have to concur with that one..

Tammy looks on at the fabulous air show and think "hmm...should i have shushi or chicken rise for dinner later?"

Two fighter jets about to execute a we're-gonna-fly-very-close-but-not-close-enough stunt...

So I ended up taking lots of video instead of pictures during the air show...but here's a pic of tammy looking pretty on our way home after an afternoon of great fun and even greater weather!

I'm not an American...but i gotta say the national flag does has a kickass look from certain angle...a professional picture courtesy of Mr Cho..

Sunset in the backdrop of a romantic city...and a sign that it's time to go home and start mugging...good times surely pass fast...

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