Monday, October 17, 2005

Tammy's bday celebration...

so this is an update of the celebration we had for tam's bday on 2 Oct...we wanted to go to San Fran originally but realized that there was a food festival right on Shattuck so decided to check it out since it's just 2 blocks away...and it was a great outing...check out the pics..

So this is the beginning of the street-food fair on Shattuck, the street where we live...the north stretch of this avenue is filled with some pretty well-known eateries (including one that'd been nominated for 'best restaurant in USA')...this is also one of the 3 locations where they host the famous Berkeley open market where you can buy yourself some organic fruits..

As usual, I'm at where the music's at...they have some 3 or 4 open jam session going on in the festival...there was this pretty good country band that performed later in the day...didn't manage to take a pic of them thou..

I wonder where did they bring in these donkeys/horses from..but there you have it...a mini-ranch for the young cowboy/cowgirl wannabes..

as you can see, we don't really have a very coherent theme to the festival...first some horses and now some people with really tall stick-shoes walking around...that's wat i call a party man..

it's goofy how this town retains alot of its 60's hyppie evident from this psychedelic color flag, one of the many that dons the stalls here that sell stuff that you'd imagine joan baez wearing everyday..

what's a festival in berkeley without a few friendly protesters...i believe i've seen this same dude a few times in campus...apparently he has a varied issues of concern as he was holding some sign denouncing the japanese's aggression durin the 2nd world war the last time i saw him...not wanting to come across cynical, i wonder what he does for a living..

"hey tammy...hello...shall we go? u been standing there for like 5 min staring at the thai bbq...okok..i kno it looks yummy..but hello? hello?"

so instead of some oily hearty thai bbq food, we settled for some japanese vegitarian food...this stall we went to always have a long line we figured it must be good...well, i can say that they are good at at least one thing, and that convincing me that a vegetarian life is gonna be really boring (just look at the pic man!) and expensive...i also tried sake..and frankly, i prefer my Corona...

so this pic is taken after we went out for another jap dinner..this time round much more satisfying than the veggie lunch...and as usual tammy make a grand entrance..back home...

i actually wrote and recorded a new song for her called 'love in san francisco' first attempt at a jazzy number...think she really liked it...he..

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eunice said...

hey mike! stumbled here out of the blue. glad to hear everything is going well for you and tammy! keep in touch and Go Blue! :)