Thursday, October 20, 2005

Open Mic at Freight & Salvage

Yeah! I finally found a music joint that could match the Ark of Ann Arbor...this place is run a non-profit music-lovers organization...and this is my first time playin at their open mic!

So I ended up doing 'Story in May' was a great feeling to be able to play in a setting like this again...the sound system is perfect...i'm definitely coming again!


Sharon said...

Hey Cho!! Haven't been here in a while.. so it was great to see about 4 entries I've not read. Great pictures, happy to know you found somewhere to sing and play guitar.. and definitely the ability to dream is a great strength. What is your email ar??? Its not the umich one anymore right? Email me at


Sharon said...

Oh yes I will be in NY in December, from 19 - 25, before heading off to Peru for 9 days. Want to spend a week or weekend in NY? I'm coming with 3 friends..


Michael Cho said...

hey sharon!!! send me an email at

and r u in egypt now?