Monday, September 25, 2006

Napa Valley

With all the free coupons for wine-tasting that Tammy gets from her hotel job, it's just a matter of time before we fully exploit me and my buddy, Takeshi's family went on this 1-day trip to see what's the big fuss about Napa Valley...

We headed straight to "Taylor's", a popular burger joint with reasonable prices. Just like Starbucks, they ask you for your name when you order your food and then they'd announce your name over their PA system so you can collect your food. So I told them my name is "Kintama", which means "Golden Balls/testicles" in Japanese...haha...we got a good laugh when they called for "Kintama" over the PA system..

ok...this has nothing to do with Napa...just a sweet bike parked outside "Taylor's"

Takeshi with the super-big van we rented...

At the entrance of the first vineyard we visited..this is one of the better looking one...

where they store the wine..

Me and Takeshi displaying our wine-appreciation "expertise", while Kuniko looks on at the back..

Tammy with her wine somehow tastes better...hee

not sure if we're allowed to do that..but hey...gotta take a picture with the vineyard when in Napa rite?

yeah...we refuse to grow up!


This house sure looks ordinary, but in it houses one of the most sought-after restaurant in the world (consistently ranked top 50 in world and USA)!

Tammy just had to take a picture with the "French Laundry" sign...she had many sleepless nights trying to make a reservation with this premium resturant while working in International SOS in singapore...

They even have their own garden...which will be used as infredient for their much fresher can can this get man!

one last pic of the great valley before we head home...i confess that i'm not much of a wine expert...but hey, it's free..and it's pretty damn good!

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