Monday, September 25, 2006

SF & Sausalito

Since Tammy got a much-deserved 10-day break, we took time to explore some of the adjacent after Napa, we took another day trip to Sausalito, a small town connected to SF by the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge...but we decided to take the boat route instead.. and a SF streetcar..

Tam and the SF Ferry Building, where we'd be taking the ferry to Sausalita..

the Bay Bridge..

as u can's pretty windy on the boat..

Sausalito has a mediterranean flair to it...lots of boats/yachts...and some nice art galleries..

This is surreal...a "stone stacking" artist...i still dunno how he does that!

another angle of these amazing stone stacks...

See for yourself how this guy did it...

We really like this painting...if not for the fact that it costs $8k...there're many art galleries in Sausalito, giving the town an artsy atmosphere..

I love the ocean...and always have this dream of owning my own feels great just walking among these nice yachts packed along the jetty...i'm definitely getting one of these someday...

After a few hours hanging out at Sausalito, we took a ferry back to SF and arrived at Fisherman's Wharf, where we're greeted by these famous sea lions...nobody really knows why they decided to chill out here since the SF earthquake some 20 yrs ago...whatever it is, it's neat to watch them taking a lazy afternoon nap...

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