Monday, September 25, 2006

Street-singing in Berkeley

Tammy was kind enough to help me take down about an hour's worth of footage of me street-singing at the Berkeley BART was rather early on a Sunday morning, so there aren't alot of's nice that way since the streets aint tat busy and I get to enjoy my own music more...:) there's something about street-singing that makes me feel completely free...i absolutely love the feeling...anyway, I was singing "Over the rainbow" and halfway thro the song I saw this little girl dancing with her mum along with the song...their smiles on their face totally make my day!

"Sound of silence"...possibly the best song ever written

"The Storm"..a Lloyd Spiegel cover

"Over the rainbow"...Isreal Kamakawiwo version...that's the one that the little girl dance to...


"Vincent" of my all-time top 10 song by Don McLean...

"Blowing in the wind"...

"Hallelujah"...Jeff Buckley version...

"Love is good" own song..hee


"Let it be" the Beatles..

"Your song" fav Elton John number..


"Feeling groovy"...ok..this one was sung at a different location...

"Wednesday morning 3 am"...Simon & Garfunkel cover..

"但我終於找到你"...probably my only cantonese orignal composition...written for Tammy many yrs ago..

"street of london"...i always start off my street-singing set with this song...totally a busking song..i love it!

"Sweet Mary"...listen to the's hmm...lets just sat it's got alot of subliminal meaning...

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