Tuesday, May 01, 2007


...has been real busy! Just a quick post to let the world know I'm still alive. The project I'm currently involved in is moving at lightning speed. While it's been a great learning experience so far, I think I'm not giving myself enough time to sit back and do some thinking. I'm also not reading enough, somehow I don't think I can still keep up with the 200+ blog feeds I subscribe to. Still, reading widely is one of the best way I know to stay creative, so it'd be something that I have to somehow force myself to keep doing. Taking public transport to work actually helps; now I'm reading "Freakanomics", with my weekly dosage of Economist.

On another note, me and Tammy re-watched "Inconvenient Truth", this time with our families. I'm glad that both Patrick and Nick both really dig the theme and have blogged about it respectively here and here. Gonna pass the DVD around my office, hopefully my colleagues will dig it too!

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