Sunday, June 10, 2007

Help me!

Standing right here in a stagnant pose
The clock keeps clickin', it's getting close
It's a muted night by a quiet road
Threads of lights with that dusky glow

The hands are numb, can't feel the cold
The rain is pouring at a crazy angle
The wind's been raging a ruthless blow
Yet all is still 'cept the mind's all tangled

Fair is foul and foul is fair
Lies and contempt fill the air
Twisted hate and blinded love
It's hard to tell the good from bad

Men and women lining up on the streets
Their candles flames swiftly fading in the wind
They're calling out crying out singing aloud
This slanted, hideous, despicable sin

Yet the troops kept marching on
The mightiest fighters coming in thousands-strong
They come here in the name of this righteous cause
They'll free the oppressed, eradicate the wrong

Holy words flood across the land, it says
The brave will take up your arms and come prepared
Along this glorious path of the mighty's plan
But it seems to me things are getting out of hand

Help me!
I don't understand this seeming blasphemy
The hour's running too slow to heal
Help me!
This dreadful rain kept pouring on me
My misty eyes can hardly see
Help me!
They're dancing with insanity
There's always just a fine line between
Help me!
The shaken earth kept spinning around me
Nothing is what it seems (more)

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