Sunday, June 10, 2007

Story in May

The clouds are reaping across
And floating beyond the bright blue sky
And receding and fading into a mellow white

The lights that are shining thro'
Are shaping my shadow
For which I know is my only company today

The trees behind me are shedding their leaves
As I shed my very own tears

And the wind is blowing and whispering
And telling me a story too old, too sad

I heard a new broken heart's silent cry
And the wicked laughter of the thief who stole her pride
I smelled the scent of hope that love promises to bring
Yet you wouldn't know till it's all rotten up inside

And now my love for her
Is crushed beneath all the lies
In this story in May

My eyes are shot by the flash of light
That was meant to bring me home
And far away from the tormented times

My feet are too tired
They won't carry me any further
On this road I've been traveling for too long

My mind's too empty
My hands' too filthy
They're just reflections of what's left behind

And it seems my life's like a play
So badly written
In which I must play till I die

My days are numbered
As the curtain comes down
And I shall leave as silently as I've come

And it shall spell the end of this story in May

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