Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jason Mraz's made my all-time fav artists list!

I've always liked to make list..list of my fav movies, list of songs, list of for my list of all-time fav went like this for the better half of my life:

1. Sam Hui
2. Bob Dylan
3. Simon & Garfunkel

I kept this list real short because I thought these guys really play a big part in my own musical journey, influencing the way I sing, write songs, think...of course there're many other artists or bands whom I really digg...but this list has largely remained the same through the years...until perhaps now...

I've been listening to more Jason Mraz's tunes over the last yr...i don't know why it took me sooo long before i discovered his music..i remembered hearing his "You and I Both" some years ago in the States..possibly in a cafe...and I thought it's just another bubblegummy pop song...well, fair enough that song has not really been my fav Jason Mraz's numbers...fortunately, i accidentally "discovered" his music again through some random searching on YouTube...and I have to say now, after listening to his stuff for a yr now...he'd made it into my all-time top fav artists list...

below is another video that shows this dude's genius:

Living high in France...

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