Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ultimate Houses

Ever since I started this career in real estate, I've been learning ton of new things that's obviously a world of difference from my Carbon-Nanotube engineering days. While my job focus mostly on the financial aspects of the business, I also have the opportunity to become exposed to the wonderful world of architecture. As a guy who's always into design, I can't believe how long has it taken me to realize the great amount of human imagination or innovation that has gone into making buildings. It helps that my younger bro, Sam, is studying architecture and he's been showing me some really neat books on the subject as well as cool sites, one of which is Ultimate House. Here're a few clips from the site. (After watching all these clips, I hope I could some day become of one of these architects' "clients" :))

Modern living in Tokyo

This has gotta be one of the most delightful house I've seen!

The ultimate "Glass House"

Another cool house in the desert...

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