Monday, March 28, 2005

crunch time!!!

I have decided to write in proper English from this entry onwards. While rambling is certainly a much less restrictive way to get my thoughts across, it makes for confusing reading.
Anyway, I'm beginning to feel the mounting pressure from my senior class projects. i think the next 4 weeks will not be easy at all with 2 detailed report on an organic electronic printing pump and the microaccelerometer that our team actually fabricated. The testing phase for the chips is gonna take a long time and the writing will be asusual a tedious process. Not forgetting the final report on my OLED research, i'm just hoping that my consistently slacking Flat Panel Display professor will continue his "assignment-less" approach and just give me some passing grades. frankly speaking i feel that i didn't learn too much from the class, most of it would be my fault. i guess i'd be doing a similat class under Prof King when i'm in berkeley.
oh, and today's the first truly sunny and warm day for the past 5 months! weather does have a great influence on my mood :) i pray that europe will be like this everyday durin our 6 week trip.

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