Sunday, March 27, 2005


man..our europe honeymoon trip is gettin super exciting man...after 2 months of detail plannin..we have finaly come up with a pretty detailed plan (down to the train timing!) on our itinery...looks like we're gonna do a bunch of camping while stayin off for free with Brandon in Paris and my uncle in and lo po are both lookin ard for a gd tent now...originally we found one lesser-known brand tent tat cost like $64..cheapest we can find for a 2-person tent...but to me it's too bulky and heavy...well...then i saw this North Face Rock 22...first of looks damn chio! hee...and there're some awesome reviews on this tent...we might be able to get it for ard $110...which is $40 above our inital budget..but man..i realli like this tent! i cant wait to be a garang backpacker and camp ard europe with my baby with this tent!

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