Saturday, March 26, 2005

taiwan situation... abt the huge demonstration in taiwan today...a protest against the recent china's passin of a law that warrants military action if tw shall declare officially independence...while the law doesn't add any new element to wat the chinese govt has been sayin for a long time...the passin of an actual law is bringing the tension bet the straits to another level...thou i realy hope tat it wont happen...but i think it's quite possible that war break out between the 2 durin my lifetime...which is gonna be really nasty...the chinese history is laiden with these sort of seperation and unification for thousands of years...seems like there's no stoppin it just a ex-hong konger i feel affiliated to china...and i think that the 2 should not be seperated...but it's not a simple matter of uniting 2 polarize political systems tat has gone off two seperate tangents for hte past 80 yrs...i realli like the way taiwan is now...but somehow i think, possibly for sentimental reason, taiwan and china sld be one tat's possible thro diplomatic means is realli the headache...thou i hope US dun inerfere (unless for a UN authorized peace-keepin mission)....dunno too much abt international politcs but i feel tat US is usin TW for its own benefit...too complicated...sigh..

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