Thursday, March 31, 2005

hectic day...

10:00 wakey..10:30 dropped by SOAS office to retrieve a WST account statement for the meeting in the evening11:00 arrived in lab for our first session of chip testing...the instructor was rather unhappy that only 3 our 4 of us showed up and asked us to come back at 2...11:30 began work on the micropump project again...found out to my horror that my precious 4 hour work the previous night was not SAVED!!! followed by a 30-min cursing in all languages i know...all i can say is 'classic'...13:30 finally redone all the parts i did the previous night...then rushed to Bursley for a 30-min lunch before sprinting back to lab for lab testing...apparently the instruments we were using cost a handomse $170 grand...finally getting my tuition worth in my last term..16:00 lab testing cut be contiued on friday, which i will probably have to miss as i'd be spending all my time rushin the 514 project...went MU to try fixing the ANSYS simulations...finally come to the conclusion that I will not be able to master this beast within a week...decision to go ahead with potentially way out of range data...19:00 rushed to East Hall for another quick meal before hoppin next door to ginsberg center for WST...since i've been missing all the SERVE boards this term, i know sarah is not happy...but the meeting turned out well...and Kim actually cried because she felt so proud of our achievement thus far...the moment wasn't particularly uplifting thou she does tat alot so i'm not surprised...wat surprise me is Luke's seems that the cambodia trip relly have a great impact in him (although he's still a difficult person to work with because of his harsh and direct words)...i'm really glad he's taking charge of things and the direction WST is going for next year..for now it looks like we'd be having two seperate sites and a few more site leaders...apparently we're the most popular choice of programs for ppl applyin to SERVE lead...i really think that we are filling a hole in demand in this university...20:00 starts 514 saga again...Keith and Anshu did a great job writing the comparison i haven't written any shit but i have quite alot of solid content built-up from all my simulation'd take me another day to finish the write-up part...things are looking goos and i'm actually thinking that it's a pretty gd idea to have them both in the team...thou i confess that at one point i thought i'm the only one who knows wat is happening with the whole project...gave my lo po a ring but she doesn't sound too gd...wonder wat's wrong...sigh..00:50 on the brink of my human capcity..time to call it quit..another battle to fight tomolo!

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