Thursday, November 10, 2005

An evening with Ayush

Ayush is this amazing dude I got ta know during my time in Michigan...though we didn't get to hang out as often as we could during my undergrad years, every time i have a conversation with him it'd inevitably turn into some kind of roller-coaster brainstorming session with ideas bouncing off between the 2 of foward 3 years after one degree under my belt and work experience in several top-notch companies for him things didn't change all that much as he visited my place last weekend...

we started bombarding each other with all the latest ideas that've been consuming us lately the very minute he arrived...i think our conversation got so intense that we kind of ignored poor tammy who cooked a superb vegetarian meal for us (pics below)...I couldn't really help it though as it is quite rare to find someone who share the same level of passion on design and spend an equal amount of time daydreamin about biz ideas...

well, Ayush is one of these dudes and more...he actually have the experience and knowledge to back it up. well, to say the least his working experience is definitely much richer than mine and it has taken him from the likes of BoA to now Google, which is why he's in town. Now I always hold on to the belief that a student life should be filled with travel experience during his school holidays instead of internships since we're gonna have more than our fair share of work once we start our career, when we'd no longer have the luxury of time we enjoy now...but compare that to the rich experience and amazing people that Ayush encountered during his internships, it's quite hard to argue against that indeed...i guess i just have fun travelling and he has fun on his jobs...and i think that's a really valuable statement for anyone to claim, that "I have FUN in my job"...that's why i truly admire companies like IDEO and google where the ppl 'working' there dun feel that it's "work", in the strict sense of the word as most of us has come to understand it..indeed we're taught since young that 'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy"...the distinction between work and play is so articulated and ingrained since young, it's hard and i guess something to celebrate about if you manage to combine those in that sense i think Ayush is a lucky man..

Between him showing me tons of interesting websites and me daydreamin out loud to him, we touched on our common desire to ultimately start our own's interesting thou that we differ in our opinion on when will it be the right time 'venture out'...i guess it's always back to the chicken and egg question of should we gain experience in a 'normal work' first or should we gain experience while strikin it out on our own...Ayush is convinced, espeically after his work experience, that one should pay his dues in top companies and learn and meet more people first...he actually placed quite highly the 'credential' that a person 'credential' i mean explicit achivements such as good degree from top institutes, job experience with top firms etc...i can totally see his point but i guess it's just like the question of whether our school grades are important...i think that most people (me included though i try to make a conscious effort not to) are concerned about our school grades primarily because that's the common barometer that others will judge us...but i think that really defits the true purpose of is really the journey of acquiring knowledge that makes it worthwhile...and of course we all know that grades are often pretty misleading in gauging a person's ability...likewise for all these 'credentials' that i'd be able to write down on my resume, i really dislike the idea of being judge upon merely by the layout and few sentences of what i can squeeze into those few lines on the resume...there's no way for anyone to gain a sense of the richness of my experience unless we've had a good conversation about's all very idealistic of this world of 'hire-the-best-and-QUICK''s much more 'efficient' and probably safer to automatically include someone with a Harvard degree to an interview and omit the guy who came from some unknown university...I know it's probably ironic for me to be saying all these since by most standards i'm riding the same wave of 'good credentials' of studying in a well-known institute and under sholarship with a respectable firm...i just hope though the desire to acquire this "line that'd look nice on the resume" won't be the basis of any of my decisions...

all the above are pretty heavy stuff but that's y i like to have conversations like these once in a while...that it actually keeps me thinking and inspecting my inner thoughts long after the covnersation is over...but the evening wasn't all just intensive talk...we enjoyed a great great meal by Tammy, who in my opinion pulled off one of her most successful meal so check out the pics below!


This is definitely the best dish that tammy has ever cooked in my opinion...and she's cookin for me again tonight!!!

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