Thursday, November 10, 2005

Working on a screenplay

So completing a screenplay is one of the things i listed down on my to-do list durin my time here in Berkeley...i've been gathering alot of ideas lately and i think i'm gonna start actually penning down the actual script...i'm really excited about this as this'd be my first serious attempt into writing a full-feature-length script and it already seems like a great outlet for my creative juices to get here's the basic storyline:

A guy, early 20s, suffered from facial cheek muscle disorder such that he can't give any expression through his face...basically he can't smile or do anything that involves his the only way he can convey his emotion is thro his eyes. naturally he grew up a loner and finds refuge in music and this one friend he has. This friend is a really lazy slob who can't stop talking, very much a nuisance except he's really loyal to our main character here. Then comes a girl who discovered the main character's talent in music and encouraged him to actively pursue music as a career. So the main character falls in love with the gal, only to find out towards the end that there's no chance of romance between him and her. The final scene ends with him crying, and finally able to move his facial cheek muscle and cry out loud. So in a way, the girl liberated him from this burden he's carried with him for so long, but at the same time he's feeling all empty again after pinnin high hope on this erlationbship that'd never be....

I want this movie to be as ironic as possible...i wanna convey the message that mant a times what we perceive and what we desire might not turn out the way we desired, and often it's beyond our control anyway...and i'd be using my own songs to cover the, this is gonna be such a fun project to be able to incoporate my own songs in my own script...i'd put up more of the actual scripts once i've got sth going..

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