Thursday, November 10, 2005

To be a 'T' person

I first heard this term during my design product class when the professor mentioned about one of these terms coined by Harvard...the 'T' person and the 'I' person...unlike most management jargon out there i actually like this one relies on the actual shape of the letter 'T' and 'I' to describe the breadth and the depth of a person's 'I' person is someone who has alot of depth in certain area...however a scientist who spend his life on say superconductivity could be said to be an 'I' person only if he does not has the ability to communicate or interact people of different field...a 'T' person would then be someone with certain depth in some area but able to relate to others' area and effectively communicate..

in that sense, to be a 'T' person has been my goal ever since coming to the states...i want to fully utilize the breadth provided by a US education...of course that's at the expense of some depths and i'm quite sure in terms of hardcore engineering foundation, a graduate from say NUS is gonna beat me with much ease...i guess that's part of the reason i chose to go for a graduate degree in make up for some lack of breadth vs's a constant struggle between those always surfaces when it comes time for me to choose a class, choose a degree or choose my future job a simple phrase that i'd come up for myself to help orientate my decision is:

"to be able to hold an meaningful conversation about anything with anyone" and "to be able to appreciate why someone would be interested in his/her topic of interest"

these 2 statements are really easier said than do i hold a meaningful conversation on say gardening when i have little interest and basically zero knowledge in it...but i think if i'm able to do that i'd have advanced myself as a 'T' person...

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