Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mahatma Gandhi

So tammy and i watched the "Gandhi" movie last night (with Ben Kingsley doing a fantastic portrayal of the spiritual leader) was a really great cast and a great script..but none of this would have been possible if not for the personal triumph of this great man, "great soul" or "Bapu" of India...i was really moved by his insistence of using nonviolence to overcome injustice and wanted to find out more about this amazing i ended up surfing the net for a long time today reading on him...and that leads to me reading about the brief history of india, and its entangled relationship with her neighbors Pakistan & Bangladesh...while my knowledge of her history is skin-deep, it definitely gives me a historical perspectiveof the political drama that goes on in the subcontinent and makes sense of the news surrounding Kashmir...i also ended up reading about hinduism...then i suddenly realize how little i know about the other major world's a pity i didn't take of advantage of those religion undergrad classes when i was in AA...anyway, i wonder if i'd live to be attain half the values and determination of this man who free india, and inspire the civil resistance movement around the world...

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