Saturday, April 09, 2005


I've decided to jot down here the wild random ideas that I have every now and then. Since I've been thinking about flexible displays alot lately, here are a few of my ideas.
1) Conducting nano-power submerged in phtoresist can be used to create mechianical flexible conductors. Utilization of various particle size and element might create different conductivity. Much like in concrete, where PR is the cement, and the nano-particles are the sand and rocks. Of course, yield is a problem since alot of matierals might be wasted but patterning ability of PR can be utilized.
2) Or Carbon Nanotube as conducting wires. I believe it's already been done, though far from commercialization stage.
3) High-performance circuits on Al foil, then deposition of organic EL materials, then finally plastic (maybe paylene) encapsulation. High thermal budget offered by Al foil, and mechanically robustness offered by the coatin plastic.
4) Transpartant display glass panel. Little resolution requirement yet wide application in buildings or shops windows.
5) Lighting application with fixed picture on the glass substrate.

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