Saturday, April 09, 2005

shit in my hall!!!

Oh yes.. literally! One of my residents actually shit in the hallway!! So here's how the story goes..
It was around 3am and I've just said bye to my lo po online and about to go to bed. It was my (un)fortunate routine to hit the bathroom before i sleep, and then I realized that there're these 3 sheets of paper on the hall way floor saying "shit" on them. Then I saw Charlie laughing his ass off. Well, this dude is always up to something so I wasn't surprised. So I asked him what's going on, then he actually lifted up one of the paper and "HOLY COW!!" there's realli shit underneath the piece of paper!!!
I was damn shocked! Never had I imagine a situation like this in hall when I first took up the position as an RA. Anyway, I too found this damn hilarious. Then, Amy, Bobby and Kevin started turning up and apparently, one of the dudes on the hall, Andy (not his real name), has actually gotten so drunk that he was literally shitting thro his pants! Next thing I know we heard him throwing up in his room. I mean, this might sound all very serious now but at that point, I thought it's the funniest encounter I've had in a while. I mean, how can a person shit while walking around?
Anyway, Charlie was the first guy to discover the shit laying around. Unfortunate for him, he doesn't have the habbit of wearing some kin dof flip-flop when he's walking around the hall way, so he actually stepped on the shit droplings! Initially he thought it's the steak from dinner so he went back to his room and wipe his feet clean with this bathroom towel!!! Then to his horror, he finally smell the distinct "flagrant' of a alcohol-diluted shit on his towel! Hahahahahhaa
Well, somehow this Charlie dude ended up volunteering to clean up the shit on the floor! I mean, he actually volunteer! and he seems like he's having a great time doing it. This dude is seriously one of the funniest guys u'd see and he's just making such a big joke out of it while me and Kevin kept trying to keep our laughter down (it's 330 in the morning already).
I, on the other hand, was taking pictures while charlie is cleanin up the, I wonder how Andy would feel about this whole thing when he wakes up...but then again, he proabbly wont even remember the whole saga. What can i say, I love my hall!

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