Monday, April 11, 2005

senior day..

Yesterday was a good day. Firstly, the weather has never been better. It's intriguing how Ann Arbor weather can turn from total disaster ( = freezing cold requiring 4 - 5 layers of winter clothes) to complete bliss with cloudless blue sky in a week.
Anyway, my day started early with a SERVE transition board meeting. We finally met up with the new incoming lead team members of World Service Team and we had a great session talking about our experiences and expectation for the new year. Apparently, WST is expanding to to sites next year and the new folks who're joining seem really awesome. Patrick Miller, this white dude who has an uncanny resemblance to Eminem and also hailing from Detroit, has all the demeaner of a i-dun-give-a-F**k frat boy except that he's really excited about this international service. He's actually the one who'd be taking over finance function next year and he was really eager to find out about how I go about doing it. I gave him the timeline and guidelines i typed out last-minute before the meeting and we went over the sheet with him asking lots of questions. I have great hope and faith in WST next year and it's really wonderfull to see WST taking off to become a more established student organization since our humbled start 2 years ago. I believe that we're fulfilling a demand within the univeristy and hopefully we can get the cost down further so that more students will get the chance to explore the first-hand experience of living in another country and learning about the issues people in othe rparts of the world have to face everyday. It's also very self-fulfilling to see Luke, Kim, Lauren & Maggie talk with the kind of passion that is definitely not there prior to the our first trip to cmabodia. I think the trip definitely has a big impact on our world view and social awareness.
Anyway, so the WST meeting from 11-3 was satisfying. Then I went down to Fuller field for a soccer game with other singaporeans. The weater was perfect for soccer although eveyrbody is kind of out of shape after the long winter. I was actually playing with just about 70%, bearing in mind the chest pain I had the last time I play indoor soccer and me promising my lo po to take it easy. It was really enjoyable and I score a goal! hee...although I miss a bunch a let in some silly goals while I was the goalie. Hee!
After the game, James dropped me off at William's house where I took a shower and played some Winning Eleven. Chung Jye ling actually stopped by and we played 2 games before going down to north campus for the senior day. I knew the freshies have been putting alot of effort into organizing this (cos they borrowed my view cam for a long long time!) and I was looking foward to it. Sadly, not all seniors turn up (maybe ard 30 turn up) but it was still a blast. We watched the 20-min video they edited and there were some really hilarious footage in there (but I look damn skinny and tired in the video interview...sld have dressed up abit beforehand). I also did a performance and thank a couple of friends(william gang, chris, wst gang, chung jye ling) before starting. Sang terribly out of tune for the first one (qing fei de yi with Kenneth on the lead guitar) but i was really emotional during the second song (yi lu shuan feng). I was close to the point of dropping tears towards the end of the song. I didn't expect myself to be so emotional but I guess the song and the lyrics is just such a song that will make u sobby on occasion like this. Anyhow, it was great to be nostalgic for a while and reflect on the past 3 years. I think I really adore this place and I'm gonna miss this school alot alot when I'm gone. Go Blue!

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