Monday, April 04, 2005

lack of presentation skills...

So, I consider myself a pretty opiniated person, in that I often have my own opinion on most subjects, and I'd like to think tat I can typically bring across my ideas to another party in a fairly efficient manner. But doing it in front of a crowd is really something else. Today's final presentation for the 514 class is another proof that I need to brush up my presentation skills. I guess I'm really to blame as I didn't really give it any practise or even run through the slides once to visualize what I was goin to say. Thing is, I've been working intensively on this project for the past few weeks and I thought I have a pretty good understanding of what's going on. While that's true, sayng what I have in mind is definitely a different game altogether. I think it's definitely something that gets better with practise and I'd say I've had better time presenting to other ppl. But I'm really not a natural at this, unlike my lo po, so I guess i'd have to work harder at it next time. I wonder why I can remain so calm while performing in front of hundreds of people while public speaking always gives me my nerve. hee

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