Thursday, July 14, 2005

CSP6 day 5 (continued)

after our visit to the 'chen's house'...we went to some art museum where we attended a talk about the development of the 'zhu triangle' special business admin district...the woman giving the talk spoke in english...while i admire her courage in speakin in a foreign language in front of a bunch of native-speakers...i regret that her limitation with the langauge really restricted her i was kind of disappointed with the talk...not exactly that inspiring or informative...but at least now i know there are a few special business admin districts in china, which were handpicked by teng xiao ping (if i'm not wrong) during the thrust to adopt an open policy 2 decades ago..

another buffet style lunch..

at the guongzhou airport, where we board a plane to Xi An...first impression of a china airline...pretty good except that it has a long way to go in terms of food or on-flight entertainment if it were to catch up to top airlines such as SIA...

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