Monday, July 11, 2005

CSP6 Day2 (Continued)

After the Hisory museum visit, we gotta visit the famous ICAC, the agency well-known for curbing the rampant corruption in the 60s and still as aggressive as ever in its pursuit of justice in modernized HK...they also produce regular TV drama series based on real cases and some of them have gone on to become popular hits with the locals..we also learn that ICAC is only an investigative agency, unlike their counterpart in China who also enjoys persecution power...while ICAC is a highly visible organization with lots of emphasis on PR...I've never realy heard of anything about the corruption-fighting agency in singapore...thou it's apparently doing a great job since singapore is ranked the least corrupt country in asia..

My group mates on the other side of the suspect idenification room with one-side see-thro window panel...

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