Tuesday, July 12, 2005

CSP6 Day3

We were finally made to put on those ridiculous purple jacket to attend the official openin ceremony at HKU...the morning started with rehearsal of coming up with a group formation for picture taking with the officials, practise for shaking hands with the officials & then even more practise for picture taking...for a while i felt really uncomfortable with all these seemingly excessive rehearsal...i don't mean it to be a disrespect for the high officials who are visiting but i just felt at the point that all these protocals are tools for conformation...that was until my mainland friend told me that the rehearsal would have taken one full day if it was done in china...it was indeed hard to swallow at that instant how 'arificial' such greetings are manufacured....but as the trip went on...i leart that it is simply the chinese way...perhaps i should have known better as i recall the importance of 'Li' and 'Jin', which means coutesy and respect, in confucious beliefs...

from left to right, me, hua zai (this dude from mainland who has an uncanny resemblance to jay zhou...expert with the drums and smooth with ladies..haha), jimmy (damn funny dude from Manchester & US & HK...his guy's been all over...we had some great chats on our different business ideas...THE character in our group) & JA (malaysian who's reading his phd in my field at Tokyo Institute of tech...only guy older than me in the group but has the curious heart and an open mind that matches any of the other 'youths' in the group)

Arrival of HK SAR Chief Executive, Donald Zheng

And our group picture with Donald Zheng made it into one of the HK newspaper the next day! (i'm the guy squating down in the front..extreme right)

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