Monday, July 11, 2005

CSP6 Day2

So I woke up at 5:30am and with nothing much to do, i went down for the morning taiqi session. It turned out to be quite fun and we learnt the basic 8 steps of taiqi. It was quite a good workout and the morning breeze feels great! Anyway, I finally gotta talk to my roommate, Tallon who's from mainland china. More about him later on.

After breakfast, we went down for a 2-hour pre-visit talk by the president of the HK History Museum. Half-way thro the talk most ppl were grumbling, I think I must be one of the few who really enjoy his talk. I've developed a respect for museum after my europe trip and it's quite enlightening to hear this dude's passionate account of how they put up the exhibits. Anyway, the museum turned out to be really interesting indeed. I wished we had more time at the museum.

One of the first exhibits that greet us in the history museum...this session depicts the life back in the old days where a sizeable population depend on fishing as their livelihood and live on boats like the one in this pic..

These are the lantons that typically accompany a traditional chinese wedding..

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