Thursday, July 14, 2005

CSP6 Day 5 (continued)

after the ancient casle wall, we were treated with a classic xi an dumpling meal...essentially we had over 20 different kind of mini-dumpling for the whole was kind of interesting at the beginning but frankly speakin, the quality of the food can never be superb when you'r cookin for over 200 ppl at one go...

after we checked into our hotel...this mainland delegate with the nickname "shu tiao" or lierally french fries cos his chinese name sounds like tat, brought us to one of the main eatery street in central xi an for some supper...the place was supposed to be the muslim quater and sure enough there were many shops selling mutton...i ended up having a bottle of bear and we finally made our way back to the hotel at's been a long day..

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